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Nice Kitty thongs, Nice Kitty line of thongs Naughty Bits thongs, Naughty Bits line of thongs

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Target heart thong, target with heart center thong Dick meet Jane thong Go ahead touch my monkey thong, touch my monkey If you've got the yin I've got the yang thong, zen thong
Poppin fresh cherry thong Monkey thong, Meow thong, cat face thong I'm here to see Mr. Johnson thong
da bomb thong Pretty neat beaver thong Need instructions thong think you can handle this thong
24/7 diner thong, big eats diner thong give it your best shot thong, orange target thong cartoon tongue dog thong, sit stay slobber thong rough on the beaver thong, cartoon beaver thong
can willie johnson come out and play thong mind control device enclosed
mind control thong, caution contents may seize cotrol of your mind thong interested? thong you are under my power thong gee did I cause that thumb
cherry thong, juicy cherry thong did I make that happen? thong shall I warm up your face for you thong shall I warm up your hand for you? thong
Now who's in charge thong jump in and hang on thong Let's Negotiate thong all yours baby thong
and you thought all I had was brains thong brains thong Not just brains but this too thong I have you want thong
someday all this could be yours thong this could be yours thong I like it when you drool thong drool thong
like it when you drool thong Final Offer thong